Burwood Plumbing & Gallant Plumbing Merge

In early 2017, Burwood Plumbing merged with Gallant Plumbing; a general maintenance plumbing business, redefining what it means to be and do business with a tradie.

When companies merge peoples first worry is about the service. Will it be the same? Will it be worse?

At Gallant Plumbing, we pride ourselves on delivering a remarkable experience for all our customers.

We are fast becoming an industry leader, providing quality plumbing, with service that exceeds customers’ expectations.

The name Gallant represents the business’s philosophy: a dedication to remarkable customer experience and determination to challenge the stereotypical experience of hiring a tradie.

One of the main changes in this merge is that we, Gallant Plumbing, no longer offer over the counter sales of plumbing supplies. Our core focus is on our service and ensuring your customer experience is more amazing than you had ever anticipated.

Business partners Scott & Ed of Gallant Plumbing, believe the plumbing industry needs a massive shake up and are determined to lead the way in changing the status quo.