ANNOUNCEMENT: No longer providing spare parts.

From the team at Gallant Plumbing, we would like to make it clear that we no longer offer the service of  providing spare parts and over the counter sales.

Since merging with Gallant Plumbing in 2016, we decided to no longer provide spare parts, and put all of our focus into servicing you and providing a seamless, exceptional customer service experience.

Thank-you for your understanding.

Burwood Plumbing & Gallant Plumbing Merge

In early 2017, Burwood Plumbing merged with Gallant Plumbing; a general maintenance plumbing business, redefining what it means to be and do business with a tradie.

When companies merge peoples first worry is about the service. Will it be the same? Will it be worse?

At Gallant Plumbing, we pride ourselves on delivering a remarkable experience for all our customers.

We are fast becoming an industry leader, providing quality plumbing, with service that exceeds customers’ expectations.

The name Gallant represents the business’s philosophy: a dedication to remarkable customer experience and determination to challenge the stereotypical experience of hiring a tradie.

One of the main changes in this merge is that we, Gallant Plumbing, no longer offer over the counter sales of plumbing supplies. Our core focus is on our service and ensuring your customer experience is more amazing than you had ever anticipated.

Business partners Scott & Ed of Gallant Plumbing, believe the plumbing industry needs a massive shake up and are determined to lead the way in changing the status quo.

Carbon monoxide facts you may not know

Carbon Monoxide, CO, is an odourless, colourless gas that can cause sudden illness and in some cases death.  Over the past decade Victoria has averaged one death per year from carbon monoxide poisoning and countless more cases of illness.  Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are similar to those of the flu – often it can be misdiagnosed or untreated.

The symptoms of CO poisoning include:

  • Tiredness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Mild or severe headaches
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weakness and sleepiness
  • If the poisoning is extreme, it may lead to confusion, loss of consciousness and death. Loss of consciousness can occur quickly if the CO concentrations are high.

What causes it?

  • Carbon monoxide can be produced in high concentrations if the heater does not completely burn the gas it uses.
  • In some cases exhaust fans can also draw carbon monoxide back into your home.

Gas appliances and carbon monoxide

  • Gas fuel burning appliances can spill carbon monoxide if they are faulty or have not been adequately maintained.
  • There is often no way of knowing that an appliance is spilling carbon monoxide without proper testing
  • It’s not just gas wall heaters, in fact any gas appliance can pose a risk – gas central heating units can also spill CO.

Reducing the risk

  • Regular servicing of gas fuel burning appliances and heaters is the best way to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Experts recommend servicing appliances at least every two years as the best way to reduce risk.
  • Having a licensed gasfitter perform a carbon monoxide analyses on your gas appliances.

Contact Burwood Plumbing and for the cost a service call we will come to your home and perform a comprehensive carbon monoxide test to put your mind at ease.

Burwood Plumbing helps supply fresh water to the developing world

Dire conditions for families in the developing world.

Burwood Plumbing recognises that our pipes are awash with fresh and clean drinking water everyday. But this isn’t the case for many countries in the developing world. Those countries don’t even have the luxury of fresh drinking water for personal consumption.

At Burwood Plumbing it is our aim to make a difference to the families and children in these countries. By donating to this cause, $1 will give a child clean water for 50 days, $30 will provide a family with clean water for a year.

Whilst we fix the plumbing that sees Melbournians use 144 litres of fresh drinking water daily, we think that it is our duty to influence the flow of fresh water to those who need it most.

Here is an extract from the P&G CSDW site.

Safe drinking water is a problem for more than 1 billion people. Many of these people are women and young children in the developing world who must walk 6 kilometers each day to collect often contaminated water for their families.

How Does This Impact Children’s Health?

Diarrhea caused by drinking contaminated water is still a leading cause of illness and death among infants and children in the developing world. Over 2,000 children die every day as a result of diseases that cause diarrhea. What does this mean? More children die from diarrheal illnesses such as cholera, dysentery and typhoid fever, than from HIV/AIDS and malaria combined.

How Is P&G CSDW Helping?

P&G has collaborated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) since 1995 to develop safe drinking water systems that people can easily use in their homes. These simple, low-cost interventions at the community level improve the quality of household stored water and greatly reduce the risk of illness and death.

And the results can be dramatic. Simply providing clean, purified, drinkable water can reduce the risk of disease and death by about 50 percent.