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Meet Edward & Scott

Edward & Scott are the owners of Gallant Plumbing, a general maintenance plumbing business redefining what is means to be and do business with a tradie. In early 2016 Gallant Plumbing merged with Burwood Plumbing. We understand the concerns people have when merges occur; will the service be the same? Will it be worse?

We can assure you it will be nothing short of brilliant with Scott & Ed in charge! 

If you’re looking for Melbourne’s most emotionally switched-on plumber, you have found him. Scotts’ head of grey hair is surely evidence of wisdom gained from years in the plumbing game. His commitment to problem solving is trumped only by his dedication to his beautiful family. A yachting fanatic, at the end of the week our Head of Operations often heads straight for the water.

And then there is Ed! Visitors to the Gallant office are likely to hear Ed ranting about the importance of providing a wonderful client experience. A trade-entrepreneur, his enthusiasm for awe-inspiring customer service is genuinely contagious. In late 2016, he became a published author, his book titled “The Attraction Tradie” – A step-by-step guide to building and managing a brilliant trade business. At work, he’s our ever-cheerful business development manager. At home he is a first-time dad and has had to make room amidst mountains of self-help books for bassinets and baby monitors.

Both Ed & Scott are determined to disrupt the plumbing industry and are working towards a future where customers expect (and receive) phenomenal experiences each and every time, from their hired tradies.

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11/125 Highbury Road
Burwood VIC 3125
(03) 9808 7211   Open: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

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