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Leave it to the experts! We have been efficiently unblocking Melbourne’s drains for decades.

Causes of Blocked Drains

Blocked sewers and overflowing waste usually occurs when there is a blockage in a drain, or the drain itself has collapsed.

The most common cause of blocked drains in older properties is tree roots penetrating the pipes and seeking out moisture. In newer homes, common sources of blockages include women’s sanitary pads, paper towels and strangely enough, certain types of thick toilet paper!

We have dealt with our fair share of blocked drains throughout Melbourne so don’t give it a second thought to call us if your drain is playing up!

Our Drain Unblocking Solutions

We are able to locate the specific problem in your blocked drain, clear it and make your drain usable again. Our plumbers seek to identify the cause of the blocked drain as well as provide you with advice on how to avoid future blockages.

We combine our years’ of experience with the latest technology to deliver a flawless drain unblocking service, here in Melbourne. Using CCTV we are able to physically see where the problem lies and put a prevention plan in place to avoid any problems in the future.

Look after your pipes by keeping a rubbish bin by the toilet for larger items that have the potential to cause a blockage. Never flush them down the toilet. Not only is it better for the environment and our waterways, it will save you time and hassle having to calling a plumber to unblock your drain in the future!